Five Reasons Your Awesome Content Isn’t Going Viral

Prior to the rise of modern Internet culture, hearing that something (or someone) was “going viral” was generally a cause for alarm. Today, however, there are few things that create more joy in the heart of a content creator than to discover that their work—whether it’s a painfully funny video, a blog post, or even a picture of the family cat—has gone viral.


Predicting exactly how and when content will go viral remains an inexact and often frustrating game of chance. For every @SochiProblems, there are thousands of would-be Twitter phenomena that die quiet deaths, unnoticed. For content creators who want to share their work with the world (while enhancing their own online success), it can seem like a kind of elusive magic.

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The Marketing Power of Wikipedia: 8 Tips for PR Pros

As PR and marketing professionals – and consumers – we often forget about the sheer power and influence that Wikipedia has on our daily lives. Wikipedia is a permanent part of our public culture. It was even mentioned on the TV show, The Office.


 All jokes aside, Wikipedia does have a distinct influence on the business community. Shareholders, employees and clients rely on your company’s Wikipedia profile to learn about your company’s strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures. Here are several reasons why your brand’s Wikipedia page is one of your biggest online marketing assets:

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Social Media World

The Shifting Social Media Landscape in 3 Infographics

If you’re reading this blog, you already know that social media is critical to online marketing. It’s unfathomable to imagine a world where you can’t share information at a moments’ notice, see what your friends are up to in a consolidated newsfeed, and build relationships through something as su…